see see TV camera

People have become more open to the concept of surveillance. If you can install a CCTV camera for your toddler , you might as well install it for anything else. Privacy concerns are gradually moving out of the picture. Focus is rather on the utility of this concept.

History of CCTV camera begins in 1942 when Siemens AG(A German Conglomerate) installed the first CCTV camera to capture the launch of some rockets.

Now a days, attempt is to make CCTV cameras ‘people friendly’. If you are under surveillance, then everyone is. Why is it to be frowned upon ? You might as well smile at the CCTV camera and request them to provide a footage for the special moment you just had.

Like Chandler did when he gets trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre, a Victoria Secret Model.  🙂


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