pipe dreams

As long as factories are allowed to be constructed on river banks, controlling water pollution in just another pipe dream.

In fact, even industries acknowledge how ugly the future might turn out to be if the situation is not handled properly in time.

Water bodies make factories to carry out operations easily. Easy access to water and outlet of wastes is quite an incentive for a small factory unit to start its operations. In some cases, water transport makes it even better ‘deal’.

Economics turns out to be the clear winner. Environmental conditions deplete.

With technical advancements, its quite possible to have eco friendly methods to carry out factory operations without damaging a river. But then hoe do you make people realize the gravity of the situation.

People like to worry about tomorrow.

Sadly, emvironmental hazards will show up only day after tomorrow.

For day after tomorrow they say –

We shall deal with it tomorrow.

Unfortunately, pollution is not a clerical problem that can dealt with extra work at the eleventh hour.

Its a garbage heap which has already started stinking.

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