I am going to stay here for 7 days. I don’t like traveling for work. But i love leisure travel.

Work takes you places. And sometimes the place could be a strange one. You feel like a stranger to everything. However, gradually you start befriending things around you.

My favorite stranger here has been a dog.

In fact, it was ‘my favorite stranger’ who came up to me when i visited the near by garden. Honestly, i have never loved dogs. I never had any pets. I don’t like taking responsibility for somebody who cant speak for themselves. Its too much to handle.

Yesterday was my 5th day in the garden. ‘The Favorite Stranger’ came up to me again and woof woof! 5th day in a row…

Today was my 6th day. Before entering the garden, i thought of picking a gum from the nearby grocery store. As i came out of the store, i found ‘the favorite stranger’ roaming around. The moment the stranger saw me, started running towards me.. woof woof!

I am now going back to my guest house. Tomorrow will be my last day here.

Day after tomorrow, ‘my favorite stranger’ will again be just another stranger to me.

Will ‘my favorite stranger’ recognize me again when i visit this place again after 4 months?

Have i started liking this place already?

I will surely miss ‘my favorite stranger’.



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