Ease of use or misuse.

Don Norman in his book ‘The Design of Everyday Things’ advocates ease of use for anything that is designed. He is of the opinion that a user should not feel guilty of not being able to understand how a particular thing works. Such should be its design, that its working is self explanatory. Case in point would be the elegantly designed apple’s electronic products. These have the most intutive designs one can have in electronic products.

However, there is a faction that believes in the opposite. It supports difficult designs. Their understanding is that a simple design encourages misuse of a product. Case in point would be an automatic car that speeds up by a mere pressing of gas pedal- no gear shifting required. There are good chances that such a simple design might unintentionally lead to overspeeding and hence accidents.

But how do you create a difficult design?

Is it not just an absence of a better design?

Is there something called mediocre design?

Probably, this is where the utility of the product becomes important.

A responsible designer would make the pedal ‘hard to press’ as the driver increases the speed.

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