Guns sold like Roses !

Unfortunately, this is true.

There are places in the world where Guns are sold like Roses.

In Pakistan there is one such market. – Darra Adam Khel

It is a market thriving on regular demand from anti-social elements.

It boasts a Gun Market with Gun Smiths !


Image Courtesy – Al Arabiya




Image Courtesy – Al Jazeera


Guns being an integral part of terror driven agendas, its rather unfortunate that we have such markets thriving. One can hear gun shots being fired by the buyers testing the products and shop owners showcasing their latest arrivals.

Darra Adam Khel is governed by Pakistan government centrally.

However, in 2018 Pakistan parliament passed a law which made Darra Adam Khel part of another neighboring province.

This should ensure micro management and governance much required at such a place.

Hoping that this step brings a change and Government of Pakistan accommodates the tribal workers in alternate professions.

Unless this is done, it will always be the innocents that become victims of such activities.

Below image is of a Suicide blast victim that happened in the area.


Image Courtesy – The Nation




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