alexander was here !

Alexander The Great has been lauded as history’s most successful military commanders.

Emphasis has always been made on what all he conquered and how he retracted his invasion spree.

However, his journey back to his homeland, after his conquest was quite eventful as well. Several of his army men decided to settle down at different places while traveling back to their homeland.

These are stories. One can only believe if one wants to.

One, Malana in Himachal Pradesh India.

Greece is known to have introduced the concept of democracy to the world i.e. the idea of Government. Malana too has been conducting its social dealings through a democratic process since ages. People from Malana do not like outsiders to intervene in their affairs. Outsiders are not allowed to enter the village without permission and if they do enter, they must not touch anything in the village. It is believed that people of Malana are descendants of Alexander’s Army.

Two, Kalash Tribe in Chitral District of Pakistan.

This tribe practices Animism. Some of the tribe’s members claim to be the descendants of Alexander’s army. This claim has been refuted by most historians due to lack of any substantial evidence. Due to their skin color which are quite different than rest of the Asian population and resemblance with European features this claim still holds some ground.

Whatever the case may be, its quite interesting to note how different races get intermixed. History does intrigue one when you look around for diversity.


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