The word ‘Liberal’ has distinct connotations.


Earlier regarded as a way of life that is receptive of different possibilities, it is now being used as a misnomer for a way of life that is all about ‘being a rebel’.

If  you disagree with something, you are a ‘liberal !’.

If you want something to change, you got to become a liberal first !.

You can not ask for a clarification without being labeled as a liberal who wants things in her/his own ways.

Of course, this is due to the incessant misuse of the ‘power to question !’.

You want to declare that you have arrived ?

You start questioning whatever you see around. Simple !

And why do you question?

Because we are liberals and we encourage people to question things.


This has led to ‘Liberal’ gaining popularity but losing its utility.

Its like the case with  ‘fast food’.

‘Fast food’ was invented to let you ‘grab a bite’. However, gradually it has become a ‘meal’.

The word ‘Liberal’ is not to be confused with the word ‘Rebel’.

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