call it a day, the military way..

Every day , since 1959, at Wagah-Attari on India-Pakistan border ends with a military practice. Its the lowering of flags and feet thumping by the soldiers of both the countries.

India & Pakistan have been at loggerheads since their inception. This has culminated in 3 wars and a constant tension that is evident in politics, movies and trade between the two countries.

Its a military practice which was started to ‘call it a day’ for army personnel. It marks the end of day’s patrolling/vigilance on the international border.


Both the countries host hundreds of people who throng the site for witnessing this event. The spirits are high and the rage against the neighbor is palpable in the atmosphere. A curt handshake among the soldiers at the end of the ceremony signifies solidarity that exists between India and Pakistan – a mark of respect that comes with  a warning.

Image – The Economic Times

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