God’s Own Kitchen

Almost all the religion in this world advocate feeding the hungry.

No one should be hungry in a world which has abundant food for everyone.

Every religion promotes this.

Sikhism(a religion predominant in Indian subcontinent) too practices this humble act of kindness. Volunteers of Sikhism devote their time and resources in order to run the charitable kitchens. Almost everyone in Indian Subcontinent is aware of the Gurudwaras (Place of Worship for Sikhs) hosting a charitable kitchen. Anyone who is hungry can walk in to the kitchen and satiate their hunger.

A few images from Golden Temple’ charitable kitchen in Amritsar(A city in India).

Volunteers serving food to people. Source: Wikipedia



Volunteers preparing food for the charitable kitchen. Source: Wikipedia
The Golden Temple. Source: Wikipedia
A Volunteer making Rotis at The Golden Temple Kitchen.(Source: Al Jazeera)
A Volunteer at The Golden Temple Kitchen.(Source: Al Jazeera)

More of this covered by NatGeo Traveller here link.


A similar practice is followed in other religions as well. For example, Muslims too have a practice of Zakat(Alms to the poor) for which they donate food to needy on festivals.

An image below depicting hungry waiting for food outside a restaurant in Delhi(India).

Image Source : Wikipedia




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