mountain sunset

A sunset calls it a day.

Spend a few days in Himalayas to experience the Himalayan life.

Sunrise and Sunset are quite different there.

Topography plays a role in the early sunsets and sunrises.

However, there is more to it than mere timings of the daily sunrise and sunsets.

Sunsets are somewhat melancholic in the Himalayas. The days ends with people wrapping-up the remains of the day.


As the sun starts dimming, it brings in a new set of activities for the Himalayan dwellers.

The cot lying out under the sun for multiple purposes is brought inside the house.

People who sat on the cot are already in.

Clothes that were being dried under the sun have been folded and kept in the almirah.


The calf loitering around the garden has now retired to its shelter inside the house.
The shopkeeper right across the house is now shut down.


The store room that was part of daily hustle-and-bustle now sits like an abandoned dog. Awaiting for its owner to return…
the last bus to the village arrives. Marking the end of the ‘machine-day’…
And finally the local restaurant bids adieu to the last customer .

The Mountain will sleep 🙂

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