Electrical Engineers

This post is an attempt to celebrate electricity !


If your toaster does not work you take it to an electrician.

If your smart phone does not work your electrician can’t help.

For a layman following might be easy to remember – “anything that can give you an electric shock is to be repaired by an electrician !”.

Electrical Engineers get confused with Electronic Engineers. Number of electrical engineers was quite high during industrial revolution. Lot of things needed to be operated through electricity and the industries had recently started using electricity for production.

General Electric (GE) is one such company which grew many folds during industrial revolution. Its a 127 year old company started by Thomas Alva Edison( Inventor of one of the first light bulb fame) and other people. The company eventually grew into a sort of conglomerate comprising of several companies in diversified fields such as Healthcare, Aviation, Finance , etc.

Another example of an Electrical Engineering intensive company would be Bombardier – manufacturer in aviation & public transport sector.

images (1).jpg
Metro Coaches manufactured by Bombardier. Image Credit – railway-technology.com

With several technologies operating simultaneously its not possible to isolate equipment based upon solely the engineering stream. e.g. – a subway metro coach runs on several principles of Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics & Computer Science Engineering.

With the growing demand of electricity and risks of global warming, electrical engineers now face an additional task of conserving electricity.


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