Silhouette is the image of anything presented as a solid shape of a single color – mostly black. Silhouette lays emphasizes on the outline of the object. Below is a silhouette of a bird sitting on a roof top.


The word is derived from the name of a French finance Minister  Étienne de Silhouette. In 1759, the minister imposed several austerity measures that made his name synonymous with a basic detail-less solid color art work. Though in the modern times we see silhouettes in photography, these were originally carved out from black card boards and mounted with a white background.

Image Courtesy : Wikipedia


Below is a shot of the same still with minor details showing up.



Silhouette of Jane Austen. Image Courtesy : Wikipedia



Silhouette of Beethoven as a boy. Image Courtesy – Wikipedia


Silhouette Image depicting Human Evolution. Image Courtesy – Wikipedia

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