Situated on the left bank of Narmada River, Barwani pronouned as Badwani got its name from the tree ‘Bad’ which surrounded the city in old times. ‘Wani’ means Garden in Hindi. It is situated at the Madhya Pradesh – Maharashtra border.

Barwani is famous for an old Jain temple located at Bawangaja (Chool Giri). The temple has a 84 ft. statue of Jain lord Adinath.

Barwani is also home to a family which has been lauded for vintage car collection. Family of His Highness Manvendra Singh of Barwani. Born in to the family of Maharaja’s, HH Manvendra Singh grew up interacting with Maharajas who were owners of vintage cars. He opened up a vintage car restoration garage in Indore in 1979. His was the only garage for Vintage Car Restoration then. HH Manvendra Singh has been featured in lot of automotive magazines and has been part of several Vintage Car Competitions across the world.

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Inspired by her father’s collections and interest in cars, Maharajkumari Vidita Singh of Barwani has taken up canvas to paint Maharaja’s vintage car collections. And one should see how beautiful vintage cars look on a canvas.

Artist Vidita Singh’s paintings are exuberant ! Full of life !

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After Bharwani, Narmada Ji enters Maharashtra. Its a brief stint in Maharashtra and after that it enters Gujrat to eventually reach Arabian Sea.

As we leave Madhya Pradesh with Ma Reva, the journey up til now has been reminiscent of a mother bringing up her children. Narmada Ji is not just an important river that flows through Madhya Pradesh. It gives an identity to people of Madhya Pradesh. If you happen to visit Madhya Pradesh as a guest, you might be taken to see Narmada Ji. Localities say, “Apan kal subeh narmada ji k darshan k liye jaayenge! “.(Tomorrow morning, we shall go for Narmada Ji’s Darshan. Darshan in Hinduism is an opportunity to see or an occasion of seeing a holy person or the image of a deity).

For this post , we would like to thank Bharani Bodil Poulsen. Bharani has traveled extensively across India to religious sites. Do visit her website on


Here is a view of Bharwani’s Rajghat on Narmada Ji as she leaves Madhya Pradesh to enter Maharashtra. We will now meet in Maharashtra.

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