Jabalpur is a big city. Apart from being a lively city with thriving population, it has some places of historical significance as well.

Narmada Ji at Bedhaghat in Jabalpur
Image Credit : Wikipedia

Dhuandhar Falls : It is in Jabalpur that Narmada gets all charged up and transforms into ‘Dhuandhar’ waterfalls ! With all the endowments that Narmada makes to Madhya Pradesh, tourism is just an icing on the cake. Jabalpur is thronged by the tourists from everywhere to relish this picturesque place.

St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School : Its one if the oldest schools in India. Started in 1868.

Central point of India : Geographically, a village in Jabalpur district is at the center of India.

Ordinance Factories : Jabalpur has ordinance factories where ammunition for armed forces is manufactured.

Tropical Forest Research Institute : The institute researches on Forest Management in the tropical regions. It primarily focuses on forests in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh & Maharashtra.

Kali Mandir : 108 feet statue of Goddess Kali.

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