7. Hoshangabad: Also knows an Narmadapuram, this district is famous for its beautiful ghats (river banks).

Hoshangabad also has Panchmarhi – a hill station with highest point in Madhya Pradesh in the Satpura Mountain ranges. It also has Satpura tiger reserve.

Panchmarhi, MP. Image Credit – mptourism.com

Situated at a distance of around 2 Kms., Adamgarh Hills offers an exquisite art form. However the art form dates thousands of years back ! Prehistoric Age … There are paintings on the walls depicting animals like horse,deer, soldiers riding on the horseback, etc.

A few photographs in the gallery above have been taken from nearby Bimbetka Rock Shelters in Raisen district in Madhya Pradesh. If you are a rock shelter painting lover, you might want to travel to these shelters too. Its around 40 kilometres from here.

We resume our journey in Maa Reva – Part 2.

Recommendation –

Bodil Poulsen from Denmark has been traveling extensively in the Narmada region in Madhya Pradesh. You might want to visit her website below to learn from her experiences of her travels in the region. We found some very interesting pictures on the website. Below link –

Link to Bodil Poulsen website link on Narmada.

An aerial view of Handia-Nemawar temple on the river Narmada bank.

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