facebus !

Mr. Driver has been ferrying people across the city for years now.

When Mr. Driver started driving – playing music in the bus was trending. These were 90s when magnetic audio tapes were a rage. People enjoyed listening to music overflowing from the loud speakers. People would get in the bus, greet an acquaintance if any and enjoy the view outside while music played in the bus.

Now people prefer earphones.

Passengers prefer silent rides.

Privacy and diversity has found a place in the buses as well.

Everyone personalizes their ride with either listening to music/watching videos/talking to someone over phone/talking to their friend sitting with them.

Mr. Driver wants to make this ride more useful. He has put a white-board in his bus. He puts all the news there; he gathers while on his trips around the city. Here’s what it looks like –

Deeply impressed with the benefits of Social Media – Mr. Driver is thinking of putting a submission box in the bus where passengers can put their ideas/requests.

If this works well, plans are there to put up another board in the bus for declaring Passenger of the Week !

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