hey! I ‘m going to ask her out….

Ask out whom?

Well…the architect’s firm i am interning at. it’s his daughter…

You really want to go out with your boss’s daughter?

Why? What’s wrong with that?

No, i mean will your boss be ok with that?

I don’t know.

Ok. You think she likes you?

I don’t know.

Ok. Why don’t you ask her out after a few weeks of internship getting over?


Why ?

it will be too late by then.. don’t want to wait..

I see you have made up your mind… then why haven’t you asked her already ?

just as i was going to ask her yesterday, she said
“hey ! i heard you like the architect’s daughter ………………………….font?”

ha ha ! so that’s simple .. she likes you.. what you replied ?

I know…i replied – “yeah i do…. a lot … i think she is fontastic ! ”



Courtesy : Kimberly Geswein Fonts.

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