I cremated a dog today

This dog wakes up when i slide open the railing door. I walk past him and he wags his tail a little. This happens daily. I dont care enough. There have been nights when i returned from work, drenched in rains, walked past him not caring if he had his dinner. Or during winters when it gets too cold. After all, he is not my pet. He has decided to stay in the compound of my apartment. That does not make him my pet!

He is of no use to me. I dont even know is its a he or a she. I have never fed him anything. I think they become clingy if you provide them food on a regular basis. I have seen a pot lying around. Some neighbour keeps feeding him. So that might be an explanation for why he doesnt leave the compound. But then why does he wagging his tail at me? He wants more food!? Greedy s*n of a b*t*h !

Today was a different day though.

A usual saturday evening when i was planning to get bored and spend time by flipping through internet. Watch some movie or a talk or something else to kill time. I stepped out of my home to buy some grocery. When i returned, the dog did not wake up. He did not wag his tail. Very unusual for someone who is used to the pleasantry exchange with an animal on a daily basis. I ignored and walked past by him. Who cares!

After a few minutes i heard some commotion at the entrance of the building compound. I tried figuring out what was going on. Tried hearing the conversations. The neighbour who feeds the dog was speaking on phone with a municiality serviceman. Telling him on the phone that a local dog had passed away and needed to be taken away abd buried. Oh ok! Thats why he didnt wag his tail today. I walked into my room and thought of some movie i could watch. But the thought of the dead dog stayed in my mind. Just would not leave my mind.

In an hour the municipality van arrived. I could hear the neighbour talking to the service man. I glanced from my balcony as they put the dog into the van.

“We bury them at the municipality grounds”- all i heard about the dog’s next destination.

Can i do something ? For the dog..? Its only human to feel sad.. thoughts kept on reverberating in my mind. Then the van left and with that ended my acquaintance with that dog.

Was i good human to the dog? I think yes i certainly was. One can decide to mind their own business and not get too close to an animal.

Will i miss anything in life now that the dog is gone?

Yea. Him wagging his tail when i came back from office.

He was a good mannered dog afterall…

Rest in peace. Dear Dog.

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