sushi love

Sushi is an integral part of Japanese culture. It is a simple dish to make that has boiled rice enveloped by a fish meat. Rice could be white or brown. Fish could be tuna, squid, eel or any other sea food.

Sushi is a derivative of narezushi. Fish being an important source of protein for Japanese, it needed to be stored for future consumption. It was stored in fermented rice for months. Due to a certain type of fermentation the fish would not get spoiled and remained fit for consumption. The storage method became quite popular with the people. Initially the rice was discarded after being used for storing the fish, however gradually it found its way into the platter. The dish was adjusted with several ingredients to make it taste better.

Sushi is served in several forms & variants and is one of the most talked about dishes. Rice in a bowl and raw fish on the top, rice enveloped by raw fish or edible sea weed ,etc. A few variants are also served in bamboo molds and a few others are served by a chef while preparing the sushi in front of the diners. While sushi is a diet in South-East Asian countries it has become more of a lifestyle choice for others. A Sushi restaurant is a perfect place for date nights and is frequented by people who like to explore the finer details. A dish’s presentation is another aspect that draws attention. Same is the case with Sushi. A chef’s presentation makes sushi an experience to relish.

These days sushi is much more than a dish. In 2011, a documentary titled Jiro Dreams of Sushi was released on internet. Featuring a seasoned restaurateur, the documentary captures the phenomenon of Sushi beautifully. Its recommended for food connoisseurs.

With sushi being part of Japan’s cultural maze, below quotation from Masaharu Morimoto (a Japanese chef) is apt to conclude.

I am not making art, I am making Sushi.

Masaharu Morimoto

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