Candid shot !

The two kids were engrossed in the game. I asked them to pose for a photograph. They declined the proposal. “Can’t pose for pictures right now. The game is on!”. These were only 2 kids playing a game normally played by a group. However, the sincerity was at par with a world class tournament.

I asked,”ok! Should i wait for the game to get over?

They did not respond. Kept quiet. I think one of them nodded in affirmation. That was all I had to be contended with. After all clicking the picture was my desire. They would certainly oblige later on. But i had to wait.

After about half an hour, they stopped playing. One of them signaled me to come over.

With an expression of pride mixed with the courtesy to pose for a photograph, they let me click a picture. One of them held the bat while placing it on his shoulder and the other stood straight holding ball in his hand. As i was about to leave one of them said “Listen ! We want a candid one. This one was not a candid one. Delete it and click another one !”

Amused by their demand of candid photograph, I asked them if I could keep the first one. “No! Please delete the first one and then click the second one.”, came a stern reply. These kids were too particular how they were being captured. One of them nudged the other to check if i was deleting the image. I proceeded towards them with my camera for them to see me deleting the image.

Once I deleted the photo one of them said “Ok ! now we are going to play and you click a candid picture of ours.”

I gathered the courage to ask an obvious one from my models. “How is it candid if you know i am clicking a picture?”

One of them looked at me and said “Now that’s up to you buddy. Not our problem. You are the photographer! But you will like it when you finally click it . Better than the first one you clicked it…”

I think they were right. It did come out better than the first one with ‘stand straight posture’.

Kids are smart 🙂

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