vantage point T stall

I am an owner of a Tea Stall.

What do i sell?

I sell only tea and biscuits.

You get 2 biscuits with every tea that you buy.

I have named my Tea stall as Vantage Point.

Why vantage point?

You guessed it right ! The location of my Tea stall is awesome!

Its at a sharp turn on a mountain road. People driving uphill slow down to negotiate the sharp turn and manage to get a glimpse of an amazing view while turning. A few decide to halt for sometime and take some rest.

Mostly Car drivers and motor bikers halt and stay longer. They park their vehicles and walk up to me asking for tea and smokes. Puff a few cigarettes, compliment me for the name of my shop and ask me if I really know what does vantage point mean ! A few even try explaining me the meaning of ‘Vantage Point’ without me even asking for it. You see… people have this inborn teacher in them. They cant imagine a tea shop owner to know the meaning of the term Vantage Point.

Last week a different soul halted at my shop.

A girl in her 20s riding a bicycle up the hill decided to take a halt. She was exhausted of paddling the cycle uphill. She put her cycle on side stand and asked for water. I don’t sell water at Vantage Point. I offer water from my own water bottle if someone asks for it. I don’t sell water because I don’t see Vantage Point adding any value to a water bottle. I have received feedback on the tea that serve. Love and hatred for the biscuits that are offered complementary ! And that is what keeps me improving. What do I learn by selling water to people ? Nothing …. No point in investing my time in such business.

I offered her my water bottle. Refused… Asked for a packaged bottle…

“no packaged bottle, I only have this. if you want i can boil you some water. Though this too is boiled.”, i replied.

“Ok, please boil some water.” she reverted.

While i put water on the stove, she looked at the simmering water. Normally people walk over to the railing and enjoy the view. The view that gives this tea stall its name – The Vantage Point. But this one kept standing near the stove. Don’t know what’s cooking in her mind !

‘It will take some 20 mins for water to get to normal temperature. You may want to sit until then’, I informed her. She nodded and pulled a chair. Once she sat down I asked her, “You headed to the college at the hilltop? Will be paddling all the way to the top?”

“Yeah!”, she replied.

After some time she took some sips of the water and transferred rest of it in her bottle. Then she asked for how much she was supposed to pay. To that i responded by informing her that i don’t charge for water.

“oh ok ! I will be halting here while returning. See you then! By the way, you should try installing a tower viewer here. People will love it !”, she responded and left.

I am analyzing the idea. I think its a good idea. However, I am not sure how good will it be for my business. Its going to be a expensive purchase. Can’t just buy it and install it. Let me ask the cyclist once she is back.

*to be continued later

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