windmills of Dewas : pins on the highlands

A town in central India called Dewas is the proud owner of several windmills. For electricity it relies upon the sturdy windmills.

Dimo graduated from a college 2 months back. Today is his first day at the job. He majored in English and joined as a writer in a monthly magazine. He has been asked to write an article on windmills in Dewas. The article should highlight how wind energy is impacting the career choices of aspiring professionals in India. This being his first assignment, Dimo decided to travel to the place to know it better.

Dewas is an industrial town in Madhya Pradesh. With a windy climate that prevails almost the entire year, the place has adopted the windmills very well. Now its people are quite a fan of its windmills. What was earlier a mere experiment has now become a lifeline of the town. Students in Dewas aspire to be wind technicians once they graduate.

Dimo got down at Dewas railway station and headed to the bus stand. Someone suggested – “take the red bus that would leave for Indore in a few minutes. En route get down on the highway when you see the windmills.” Easiest way to explain a route !

As the bus started moving, Dimo could easily feel that he was the only passenger excited to reach the destination. Others were killing time reading newspapers and chatting up.

He looked out of the window and started wondering if he will be able to speak with a windmill technician. Will they even understand what is his purpose of coming to Dewas. His boss had asked him to get some interesting photographs and stories from Dewas. As the bus moved he could only imagine things. Bus stand person had asked him to keep looking for windmills to your left while you are traveling. Dimo knew windmills might miss spotting the windmills as they looked too small from the distance. Therefore he had requested the ticket collector to inform him as the bus reached the windmills.

After around 15 minutes the ticket collector, turned back and called Dimo out – ‘O ! Pawan Chakki … udhar hai’ (O ! Windmills… There it is). Dimo tried narrowing down and spot the windmills. He saw these small white rotating fans pinned on highlands.

He got up and moved to the bus exit. The driver started slowing down the bus to bring it to a halt. Dimo got down and found a man standing with a goat.

Dimo : “Any technician for windmill here?”.

The man with the goat : “Do you own a windmill here?”.

Dimo : “Oh No No! i want to meet a technician. I have to find out how good is the Wind Mill technician job.”

The man with the goat : “The third windmill you see there. That one has a small supervisor unit station. The person manning the station could tell you more.”

Dimo started walking in the direction suggested.

As he walked past by the first windmill he found a guy flying a drone.

Drone ? Here in this remote land ! Dimo had seen the drones flying in the cities. The aerial views from a drone flight in the cities is amazing ! But how would be the aerial view of a windmills ? Could not stop himself from asking the guy.

“Hey ! can you please show me the view?”

The guy tilted his controller to give me a glance. The screen had a glare of sunlight and nothing much was visible. The guy said “You will find it on my Youtube channel. Watch it there !”.

Dimo nodded. Thanked the guy and started waling towards the third windmill.

As he reached the third windmill, he found the supervisor unit locked.

Disappointed he decided to walk back to the highway and get a room near the bus stand.

Bus stand is always bustling with people.

It would be nice to stay there and try meeting people.

At night, Dimo watched the aerial view footage of the drone.

Courtesy : James W

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