another world

We live in different worlds. You and I.

One can’t swap their world with others but they can certainly create a new world for themselves.

There must be something that I miss out on while living in my world.

So one fine evening I decided to visit another world.

But how do I do that?

Should I just take a right turn instead of a left I take everyday?

Is it so easy to reach an alternate world?

Alright. So let me show you the route I take when I am returning home from office. I get out of my office and head straight to the tube station. The tube takes me to the station nearest to my home. I buy some grocery while stepping in the home. This is one world that I live in.

My World 1

One day I took a turn different and it took me to a different world. After boarding the subway from office, I got down 3 stations before my home station. From there I started walking towards my home by foot.

I came across:

  • lot of yellow taxis that blew their horn every time you look at them. Must be some coincidence !
  • street food vendors thronged by people eating like a band of pigeons pecking at the central square
  • at least 2 soda cans lying outside every trash bin frowning because they could not make it to the trash bin along with other soda cans
  • mannequins bored of the apparels they have been wearing
  • man holes shining under street lights like coins fallen out of the night’s pocket.
My World 2

It took me an hour extra that day to reach home but it was worth it.

I will never visit this world again.

My next sojourn shall be to some other world.

A different station to get down at or a different turn to take.

Its me who will create the new world with another random detour !

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