window art

Windows have played a vital role in art.

Just to quote some examples here – Juliet looks out of the window while she is waiting for Romeo(Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare), famous painting titled Woman at a Window by Casper David Friedrich, Rapunzel letting own her hair through the window(fairy tale recorded by Brothers Grimn), etc.

Essence of windows in our lives is very well captured by Turkish playwright Mehmet Murat İldan. He says, “Your desire to be near to window is your desire to be close to life!”.

A window is an invitation to a glimpse of the outside world. Its an assurance against the fear of missing out on anything happening outside. Open the window of your mind is another metaphor that exemplifies how widows are related to acknowledging something new that we need to be aware of.

No wonder its been a favorite prop used by artists to elicit human emotions.

Image captured at Mandi House New Delhi

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