money matters

The idea of money is based on 2 principles –

  • Universal Convertibility : Almost everything in this world has a price tag. You may purchase almost everything in the world.
  • Universal Trust: Money is an enabler that makes things happen !

Universal Convertibility : Money can become a reason behind the end of traditions. When you think from the perspective of money you tend to add and subtract things to/from each other. Certain acts that are traditionally abhorred might be ‘experimented with’ with the money being involved. On a more positive note, money could also encourage people to try out newer practices and abandon something which is harmful to the society. Money keeps trying to break through the barriers of tradition like water seeping through the dam.

Universal Trust : Although money is an enabler, we must not forget that money can never replace human relationships. A human bonding is a far more desirous than mere money transactions. However, in the early stages of a relationship money fosters a healthy bonding that stays relevant.

It must also not be misunderstood that money is the sole reason for unification of humankind. Several cultures coalesced due to Gold & Silver(money transactions) but several others unified due to steel(natural resources).

A mere reliance on money for bringing people together might not be a sustainable approach in the longer run. Instead, exchanging natural resources among cultures brings them closer and forms a strong bond between them. Countries which trade natural resources with each other foster a stronger relationship. Limiting it to money transactions might not really help.

e.g. if a country lends money to its neighboring nation in times of adversity it certainly nourishes the relationship between the two countries. However, if a country provides vegetables seeds to its neighboring nation which in turn provides coal to the first country, it carves out to a firm partnership between the two nations that helps both to prosper further.

Moving beyond money transactions certainly proves beneficial for cultures.

Citation : Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.

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