Legacy is the mark one leaves on this world after they leave for heavenly abode. It is what this world shall remember you for.

Sardar Jogendra Singh too left an indelible mark on this world. A man involved in multiple endeavors in British India, Sardar Jogendra Singh was member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council in India. He was knighted twice by British administration and was actively involved in several initiatives in Departments of Health, Education & Lands in India.

We hereby present you some of his recorded contributions to the Indian states. Revered by the Indian administrators of pre-independence times this writing is a mere attempt to capture the life of Sardar Sir Jogendra Singh.

Chairman of the Central Advisor Board of Education – 1944

Participation in Council of State debates – Delhi University (Amendment) Act
Sir Jogendra Singh addressing the Council of States Debate on 28th August, 1943

Sardar Sir Jogendra Singh being felicitated by President of State Council Maneckji Byramji Dadabhoy after Sardar was mentioned in the Knight Commander of the Order of the Star of India (KCSI) in November 1946.
Sardar Sir Jogendra Singh breathed his last on 3rd December,1946 in Lahore.

Due to lack of the digital techniques present in the times of Sardar Sir Jogendra Singh, we do not have much record of all the contributions he made. However, his legacy still enthralls the history loving tourists traveling to Simla Himachal Pradesh India. Sardar Sir Jogendra Singh’s great grand children still reside in Chhota Simla. A beautiful escapade for the admirers of history, Sanjiv’s Aira Holmes is a perfect getaway into the mesmerizing mountains. A few photographs below –

Homestays in Himachal
Sanjiv Aira’s Holme Retreat in Chhota Simla Himachal Pradesh India
Sardar Sir Jogendra Singh accompanied by his second wife, Lady Winifred May Singh (née O’Donoghue) in Egypt c 1920s. (Courtesy – wikipedia)

Pictures courtesy : Sanjiv Aira’s Holme Retreat (http://sanjiv-aira-holme.blogspot.com/).

Suggestions welcomed to better this writing.


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