Or else history can be very boring !

It is important to learn from history. It gives us a perspective as to what does the present time mean. Does what we see around exactly what it is or is there a background to it?

One may appreciate the façade of a building for its beauty, however it is also important for them to know the reason for its existence.

One might revere Shakespeare for being a highly successful playwright however they must also be aware of the criticism that his work was subjected to. Leo Tolstoy,famous for his prose work War and Peace, had vehemently criticised Shakespeare to be a mediocre playwright.

There is always more to whatever meets the eye… and we must try finding it out. Or else, history can be very boring!

Jewish holocaust in Germany was only a Nazi driven agenda and had no support from Germans at large. When Nazis were wrecking a havoc on humanity, they were met with resistance from fellow Germans as well. Although this resistance has never been recorded in the history as an official rebellion like the French and Russian resistance to the authority, it certainly was a matter of concern for a robust Hitler regime.

We must always delve into historical occurences. Else, the history can be very boring…

2 replies to “Or else history can be very boring !

  1. Very true. Each historical occurrance has to be dissected and studied impartially to understand the balanced version of it. Let’s not blindly imbibe what is presented before us . Keep writing 👍.
    (It is wreaking(not wrecking) havoc…)

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