This sale season is going to be different!

I am going to show them some really new stuff!

I hired this new designer girl from New Zealand.

She has got knack of designing ‘real world’ design. She wont go for the typical floral patterns. Or some ‘teddy bear’ patterns. I just loved it when i saw cars, trees and buildings in her designs. Looks so different!

I am going to put some premium to these designs. And i want people to appreciate these designs. Every design she delivers comes with a brief description of the design. Say this below design… it has got a sports car from New Zealand. New Zealand has got this street dedicated to sports cars. The tag attached to the pullover describes the background of the design. Loved it!

I am done with selling run of the mills stuff.

Its time for some new age creativity.

You might find the below magazine an interesting read. Kindly note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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