Chemistry: orders and exceptions

Bhuvan has been studying chemistry for some 2 years now. He still does not get the hang of it. Some like to call it a science of orders and exceptions. Bhuvan however could only sight exceptions in the subject.

Order and Exceptions you say?

Well.. it does have an order that can be seen with all the nature’s elements following a pattern. It seems that elements seem to agree on certain rules. One set of elements are too quick to get into an alliance with another element. However, a few others are very particular about what they are getting into. Its a population that showcases a varied behavior. Much like humans do.

Some of the elements are very excited about a converting into another form. They keep looking for opportunities to change into something else. Others are too reluctant to try out something else. To put it in another way, skme elements are extroverts and others are introverts!

Every discipline that we study has an underlying theme.

Maths appreciates the quantitative aspect of the world we live in. 2 apples and 3 oranges means 5 things in total. There is no ambiguity in that number.

Physics is an attempt to understand the universe. A ball when thrown up shall return to the ground. Time it takes to hit the ground can be calculated because Physics has conducted various experiments to understand the movement of matter in this universe.

Biology is an attempt to understand the functioning of the living beings. With the knowledge of Biology, one can understand why chimpamzees can learn quickly but a rabit cant.

Chemistry, like mentioned earlier, is a science of orders and exceptions. It appreciates the commonality among things but it also explores the variance across same set of things.

Chemistry makes it easier for us to anticipate transformations. It lets us transform things to another desirable form. Its Chemistry that made us transform wheat into edible bread!

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