Ice Ice Baby

Afraid of skating, I avoided the evening get-togethers that were held at the local skating rink. I had once tried skating when i was 9 and it did not go well. I fell down and injured my calf muscle. Since then, ice skating is not something that excites me.

Last weekend, while walking back from my college i passed by the rink. Not being a fan of it, i ignored it and starting deciding upon the movie i am going to watch in the evening. Right then , 2 kids showed up holding their skates in hand. I am not sure what stuck me but i instantly asked them, “Hey, i don’t know how to skate. Could you please teach me?”

“Hmmm… we can teach you but you will have to be careful. This is unlike walking around in the garden.”, said one kid. The other nodded.

“Ok. I will be careful.” , i responded as i remembered my last fall in the skating rink.

I entered the rink. The ice seemed quite firm and inviting. An invitation to slide across the entire rink. As i was going to slide, the kid interrupted the execution of the idea. “You can’t start skating with these loosely tied skates. Your skates must be firmly tied to your feet. Else you might twist your ankle !”

The warning was intertwined with a subtle disclaimer that further warning shall not be given and i must pay attention to what is being taught.

Such rude kids! But i somehow managed to convince myself that these kids were being right in reprimanding me for my reckless behavior.

In some 20 minutes, i got the hang of it. Even the kids were convinced that i have learnt it now. Afterall, i have been paying attention to all the instructions the duo has been giving. One of them said “you are good to go now!”.

I swear to God, i have never felt more confident in my life than i did in that moment. That kid’s statement sounded like a professional coach’s investiture speech.

I started skating around.

Oh! what fun i had been missing. Some fears make you lose out on so much pleasure. I placed my phone camera on a chair to capture my shots while i stroking around the rink.

I have lot of stuff to be shared on social media with my friends. One of these would certainly be captioned as — “Ice Ice baby !”

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