odorless afterlife

A mummy is preservation of a dead body. An important part of mummification process was embalming the body with perfumes apart from all other oils and preservatives.

Mummification involved an extensive use of perfumes. Humans anyway detest body odor. More so, when it is originating from a decomposing body. To subdue the smell of a decomposing body, the mummy would be embalmed with the pastes of alum, beeswax, bitumen, cassia and cinnamon, cedar oil, coniferous resins, henna & honey. Most of these ingredients are still in use in perfumery industry to manufacture perfumes.

Big deal it must have been to mummify a dead person. After all, they must not smell of body odor in their after lives !

Vanity, thy name surely is a mummified body being preserved to be discovered by strangers thousands of years.

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