authentically modern

What seems authentic might just be a recent development that looks old. People who like to call themselves the protectors of age old traditions tend to forget a simmple reality. What’s a tradition today was a novelty sometime back. Fundamentalists trying to safeguard the age oldcustoms seem to ignore the fact that the customs were established in response to something already existing.

It might be argued that the customs were established to correct what was wrong and that now they must not be changed. However, the consistency with which the change plays its role in our present can not be ignored. It is true when they say change is the only constant. So rather than insisting upon the status quo to remain, sometimes we might want to look at things with the perspective of change.

This is very well explained in the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.

He writes about how the food in a country was actually imported from other countries. The chilly in an Indian cuisine was actually result of several conquests and business travels by merchants. Similarly, he also mentions the native Americans to whose life horses were an integral part. The horses were actually brought to America after 1492. Before 1492 native Americans had no horses.

Although a native American is synonyms to an aboriginal in America, they too had origins influenced by several occurrences.

In actuality, nothing is strictly authentic. It is a mere coincidence that a few things get tagged as authentic and every new thing that comes in is compared with the authentic stuff.

Authentically modern natives of America !

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