Condolences, dear Elephant…

A video of an elephant changing his course of path on seeing a dog’s dead body lying on the road is doing the rounds on the social media.

Here it is…

Mr. Elephant regrets not being able to pay his tribute to Mr. Dog.

One may ignore this as ‘one of those things’ that are natural and bound to happen. On the other hand one may also spend time undersranding what really happened there.

An elephant shackled in chains is walking along the road with its keeper. Fast moving vehicles passing by… The pace at which the elephant is marching it seems to be in hurry. Though it must be the keeper who is in hurry to reach the destination – the elephant is just keeping up with the keepers.

As the elephant sees the deas dog, it suddenly takes a swift right turn to avoid walking over the dead body. You want to give a day off to all the psychologists and scientists working for the benefit of animals and request them to watch what the elephant does.

All emotions of compassion wreathed in that one gesture.

Rest in peace dear dog


Condolences my dear Elephant 🙂

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