Strange lands of Wakhan corridor

A strip of land in Afghanistan that separates Pakistan and Tajikistan and eventually touches China is referred to as Wakhan Corridor.

The corridor dates 1893 when British and Russian administration decided upon a Durand line running as a border between the territories of the two empires.

The corridor runs in Afghanistan separating Tajikistan and Pakistan. Image courtesy – Wikipedia

Afghanistan has been prone to conflicts and wars for long. Taliban activities in the country has been worsening it for decades. Wakhan, however is an exception. Tribes living in Wakhan are aloof. The word aloof is not an exaggeration. They really are. It seems that the people of Wakhan do not have much idea regarding what has been happening in rest of their country.

These are hospitable and warm people. Varial Cedric Houin, a French photographer traveled to the region and captured some beautiful shots. He shot pictures through an instant portrait camera and shared with people there. The wakhan tribesmen obliged with all pleasure to pose for the camera. Absolutely no hint of skepticism or doubt in their behavior.

Here’s providing the link to a preview trailer of a documentary the photographer produced after coming back from Wakhan.

The Tribes lead a very odd life. Amidst all the barren land with very limited resources, a few tribesmen own modern equipment like solar panels, mobile phones and TV. However, these do not impact their lifestyles much. These equipment are not a prized possession. These are merely utilitarian. Their animals are their prized possession.

Due to limited/no medical facilities the life expectancy of these tribesmen is only 43. Mortaility in new born is one in 3. One out of 3 newborn do not survive.

Below pictures gathered from Wikipedia. Also, couple of links for a few more stories found on internet about these people.

Some interesting pictures on the links below.

CBS News

National Geographic

Daily Mail UK

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