Human body is Cosmos

Our understanding of the universe that we live in should not be limited to its physical features. If one tries to be little imaginative one can see the entire cosmos in one’s human body.

Buddhists compare human body with the cosmos while citing examples such as – Head depicts the celestial spherical shape that is the shape of all the celestial bodies. Our eyes depict the sun and the moon.

Our breath resonates very well with our mood. It also resembles the wind that blows and changes our mood. Breathing of furious man is hasty and heavy like storsm that deteriorate things around us. Similarly a gentle breeze is like the Brea of a normal human being who is likeable and who you would like to meet.

Actually, the analogies are very much relatable if one settles down to understand that our existence is a mere speck in this big cosmos.

A lot of ancient medical therapies in different cultures are based upon the fact that human body mirrors the activities in the cosmos.

Blood flowing through our veins and arteries looks very similar to the water flowing in rivers and its tributaries.

Now, do we see the essence of analogy ?

The divinity of our cosmos is reflected in this similarity. One wonders if the rivers and tributaries emulated our bodies or vice versa. Of course science can help us explain at what speed water/blood flows through the river/tributary /vein.

But how come things are emulating each other?

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