Pigeons and Humans

Hey Pigeon! Thou shall not sh*t !

Apparently pigeon is the first bird to be domesticated by man.

Pigeons are actually an interesting case of cohabitation. Earlier pigeons used to live on sea rocks at the shores. With the development of cities, people brought pigeons to the cities for food. Gradually humans interacted further with pigeons and explored hidden traits of pigeons.

Pigeons have huge eyes as compared to humans. Also their eyes can interpret more colors than a human eye. Scientists have trained pigeons to remember collection of photographs. This ability to remember pictures was also to be used in World War 2 as a weapon.

They can also remember paths very well. A bird that is very fond of his home, they can travel thousands of miles to and fro. This has made them a favorite messenger in the olden times.

In the present times,they seem to be disliked for all the excreta they deposit around. Probably they have become too comfortable while living for so long with the humans.

Pigeon conference taking place on the traffic signal. All the pigeons opined that defecating is natural and that they can’t be blamed for it. They also discussed the possibility of creating ‘No Sh*t’ zones. However, a consensus could not be achieved.

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