Renewable Energy

An energy source that is replenished by the nature on its own and its consumption is less than its replenishment is called a renewable source of energy. Wind, solar, tidal are a few examples of renewable energy. Fossil fuel is not because it’s rate if consumption by humans is much higher than it being replenished by the nature.

Tihange nuclear plant in Belgium
Traditional Fossil fuels. Petroleum was extracted from the under ground oil reserves.

Another form of energy is nuclear energy. It’s quite efficient but it’s very risky. Also, a nuclear power plant is an expensive proposition. Countries that plan to establish nuclear power plants, need to keep aside a significant amount of money to manage potential disasters occurring out of nuclear power plant.

It seems that renewable energies are quite apt for the upcoming generations of consumers. With people being sensitized about the ill-effects of fossil fuels(pollution) and disastrous effect of nuclear fuels we seem to be having a compelling case for renewable sources of energy. Below a few pictures of renewable energy farms.

Renewable sources of energy. Wind energy and Solar energy.
Wind Farms
Wind Farms – Palm Springs California USA
Wind Farms – Palm Springs California USA
Solar Panels
A promising combination of wind energy and solar energy !

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