Great Grand Banyan

Called as one the strangler figs, the banyan is one of the most expansive trees. Mostly found in the thick forests, it is known for competing with fellow trees for sunlight.
Sunlight in the thick forests is a scarcily available natural resource for plants.
Due to the scarcity of sunlight, a few plant species opt for survival techniques and hence earning them a name – ‘strangler figs’.
The seeds germinate on the branches of other trees and start enveloping them as its roots grow downwards towards the ground and it also gains height seeking the sunlight above the existing canopy of trees.
Downward growing roots of a banyan tree while enveloping the original tree.
Finally the roots reach the ground penetrating to get nutrients from the soil. Eventually the original tree might die off leaving behind a hollow trunk in the banyan tree.
The roots also spread out to while penetrating the soil. This also helps in providing a better balance to the growing structure of the tree. The banyan also supports the original tree in times of storms.
Banyan trees gain a significant height and spread out in a larger area to receive sunlight. However, with increasing size it also needs to support its size. To support itself, it starts growing prop roots. These are extensions of branches that grown downwards to eventually reach the ground level .
Once the prop roots reach the ground, they start penetrating the soil acting as an additional trunks to fetch water and other minerals from the ground while also providing physical support to the tree.
Enough of reading. Take a break now. And have a seat to enjoy the lake view ! 🙂 🙏

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