Punjab is an agricultural and industrial state on India. Normally, people living in Punjab tend to travel outside for business/occupation/education. While going out they spread their culture while embracing other cultures. Now, Punjab prepares to be the host. Of late, the government of Punjab has been strategizing to improve tourism in the state. For this they have been planning things around:

  • Farm Tourism
  • Religious celebrations
  • Adventure and Eco-tourism

Lets take a tour of Punjab’s beauty.

Punjab has vast agricultural lands making it the bread basket of India.
A major part of its population is involved in agriculture. In fact, migrant workers from states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar too visit the state for work.
Punjab is also famous for its delicacies across the world ! Haven’t you heard of chicken Tikka!
Punjab is very well irrigated by its canal system. The government supports farmers by providing free electricity for irrigation as well.
Some more food πŸ˜‹
An opportunistic omnivore, Punjab raven can eat almost everything !
One of the most beautiful places in the country is the Golden Temple. Gold clad Sikh Gurudwara(temple), the Golden temple in Amrotsar is visited by Sikh people across the world. One can just sit and gaze at the mesmerizing monument !
Golden Temple Amritsar
Golden Temple Amritsar
Punjab gets chilly winters. Sub zero temperature without any snowfall though…
An interesting concept that has recently picked up in Punjab is Farm Tourism. Tourists can visit the farm lands, stay in traditional house, work on farm activities, etc. An escape and respite from the the hectic city life!
Farm activities.
Farm lands in Punjab
A traditional farm house to store grains, park farming machinery,etc.
Enjoy doing cooking in the broad daylight with farmers.
Making jaggery the traditional way…
Catch a break out in the open !
An old house in Punjab
A foggy morning
Meet the elderlies at the farms.
Rural Games at Kila Raipur held annually. Participants and supporters from entire Punjab visit the rural games competition. Games like wrestling, jugglers, races are enjoyed by people in large numbers. Images courtesy- Movie Rang De Basanti
A view from Pathankot in Punjab. Situated at the foothills of himalayas the place is going to have an interpretation center soon hoping to increase the tourism further for the state.

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  1. Gurudwara is a Sikh place of worship and also referred to as a β€˜Sikh Temple’. In Punjabi, it means the “doorway to the Guru”. A Gurdwara always keeps its doors open for people of all religions and faiths. The objective of this place of worship is to find inner peace and unite with the Holy Spirit. The practitioners of this religion believe that the Sikh Guru helps in this process of unison and achieving peace.


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