Pokhara Boats

Pokhari in Nepalese means a pond. The metropolitan city of pokhra derives its name from the work Pokhri owing to a number of ponds across the city. One of the most famous tourist spots of Pokhara is Phewa lake. It’s a beautiful lake with some very lively boats.

The boats quietly ply on water. But they seem to come alive when no ones sailing on them. A sneak view of their lives when no ones watching…

Boats of Pokhra float around the lake greeting each other with Hellos and Hi !
Some of them are quite active and don’t like to stay still.. while others are the lazy ones that like to lay under the sky..
A few boats love to hang out at the shores. Provided there is no human on the shore. Afterall, everyone like their privacy.
Once on the shore, they huddle and discuss the day’s happenings..
Sometimes the boats get next to each other and pose for photographs !
Some evenings are quieter when tourists are not there..
On such an evening, boats practice sailing around improving their techniques.
Or spend sometime with their better halves. A few also decide to stay alone and introspect.
And a few others visit parlors to get some repaint !
A few of the boats have managed a private corner on the shore. These are some old wealthy boats that have been sailing for decades now !
These are some very cooperative boats. Some painters have been coming to the lake and painting their interpretation of the scenery. Boats stay rock steady when a painter is working on the scene.
They even let the birds rest on them…
If you happen to visit the lake early in the morning, you might find the boats snuggled together in the corner. Probably to warm each other up in the chilly nights.. in the morning, they start moving away from each other to start their day..
One boat has managed to get a shed for itself. Two more boats are planning to get upgraded..
This one stays aloof avoiding the hustle bustle of the lake..
Alright, it’s the working hours now.. let us all get lined up for people to onboard !
So much traffic leads to jams !
And here are the retired veterans that get to enjoy the exclusive corner club !

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