What started as an inspiration from sea surfing, came a long way with evolution.
It all started with people tying their roller skates to wooden boxes and later to wooden planks and plying these on the sidewalks.
The evolution comprised change in the material of skateboard wheels – clay wheels gave way to polyurethane material wheels.
Later championships like Del Mar National Championships popularized the sport further to give it a professional following.
Gradually the sport has gained such popularity among masses that it’s also drawn criticism for the damages it does to the public property. Skaters like to skate on sidewalks and curbs which are a public property. This damages the public property and hence the state has come up with an idea of installing skate stoppers on curbs.
Image courtesy :
Image courtesy :
Skaters loves it when one challenges them to try doing a new flip that they invented.
Of course, skateboard photography is an absolute delight while skateboarders are trying out stunts.
Happy Skating !

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