A pregnant male in sea

Oceans are habitat of thousands of species. Some are quite common (say a fishes, crabs and lobsters). However there are a few that are quite rare. One wonders how do these creatures develop to look the way they do. One such creature is a sea horse. A fish that has the bust of a horse ! Sharing with you few close captures of this amazing creature.

Sea horses have an interesting lifestyle. In the case of Sea horses, the female Sea horse lays eggs in the male Sea horse’s pouch. Later, when the eggs are fertilized in the pouch, the male Sea horse ejects kid Sea horses. Probably this is the only creature in our ecosystem where a male delivers the offspring.

The new born float around to begin their new lives !
Another interesting characteristic of this creature is that they are extremely efficient in camouflaging.
In popular culture, a super hero named AquaMan lives under sea and rides a sea horse!
A wooden art work of a sea horse.

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