Hi ! I am a small monkey. Let me introduce you to my people!
We are quite similar to humans. If you offer us a banana, we shall peel off the skin and eat it. Unlike other animals, we know it tastes best when eaten without skin.
We love our people. A mother moneky nurtures her offsprings like a human mother would do. We too adore our mothers and rely upon them for everything.
We have this human like ‘don’t give a dam*’ attitude that we showcase sometimes.
And we too get angry when provoked !
Like humans, we too like to be pampered by our peers for personal hygiene. Very similar to how humans like massage and pedicure/manicure services. We spend hours looking for lice in each other’s fur. This is our way of bonding.
And we also like to spend time in isolation. Some quiet solitude always helps ! 🙂
A meditating monkey ! Ha ha ha !!
We have been able to adapt to human world. We can open a tap and drink water.
And getting angry comes naturally to monkeys !
We are always curious about human inventions.
We have been barging into the humans’ houses to get food items and eat them alone in quiet.
You put a camera infront of us and if we are in a mood, we might try to hold the camera and fiddle with it.

We are the species that evolved further to become human beings. Or may be we are the ones who keep learning from your world. One day, we might be able to learn everything about humans and their inventions.

First thing we will then do is to help humans with delivering stuff.

We can climb almost anything and that too faster than any elevator. Here we come courier divery folks!

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