A pattern that keeps repeating at every level is called a fractal. If you observe carefully at the details of the design, you will see that the entire pattern is visible in totality. So many exactly same worlds within a world !

Every conical unit seen in the above pattern when observed closely through a microscope shall reveal several smaller conical units.
The swirl design is also repeating itself in its details. Observe carefully the smaller swirls that this big swirl is made of.
Every branch has smaller branches that are aligned in a similar pattern like the main branches are aligned to the stem of the tree.
Man made structures emulate the fractal designs as well. All the units are repeating here similar to a fractal design.
A nicroscopic view of a cabbage. Observe the concentric pattern that keeps repeating as we move onwards towards the center.
Here again the branches grow into smaller branches. Every branch acts as a stem to the smaller branches.
A microscopic view of a fractal pattern. If one delves further and focuses at a smaller area, one would get to see the same design that is visible here to the naked eye.

Look out for a broccoli in your kitchen. You will find that every part of broccoli looks exactly like the whole broccoli. Every node of broccoli that branches out from the main stalk, divides further into branches acting as the main stalk for the further branches.

What is the utility of fractal patterns in nature?

It allows us to understand certain phenomenon that follow fractal patterns. e.g. if one knows that bacteria multiplies following a fractal pattern i.e. every parent bacteria giving birth to 3 bacteria which in turn act like a parent to their 3 child bacteria, we can find out the number of bacteria that would be present after a certain time. This helps us to understand and control diseases better.

Even the ocean waves are a good example of a fractal formation. Every curve in the wave comprises of smaller curves that all seems to imitate the bigger curvaceous wave.

Every heart is comprised of several hearts.

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