A Shepherd life

Shepherd rear sheep,goats or any other pasture animals until they fully grow up.

Known to wander around in search of greener pastures, shepherd community have been playing a vital role in businesses and cultural transformations in the earlier times.

Now, with modern technological advancements, shepherd are now mostly settled limit their movements to fixed areas while leading a commoner’s life.

Let’s roam around a bit with the shepherds.

Shepherd in Colorado USA
A shepherd in Serbia with his dog. Dogs have played a vital role in the jobs of a shepherd. They stay with the owner all the time and ensure the sheep stay together
Shepherd from Turkey. In the world wide lock down of Covid-19, the shepherds of Turkey had a funny occurrence when a flock of sheep decided to take the empty streets and roamed around freely !
Shepherd in Nazareth Israel
Silhouette of a shepherd abd his sheep.
As the day ends, shepherd prepares to leave for his home with his sheep.
And old man on his way home to his home with his sheep.
A perfect day to get a picture clicked with all his sheep !
Sheep become your friend while growing up. They recognize you and follow you wherever you go.
Although the shepherd community is increasingly getting involved in other occupation, the kids are still being taught the basics of raising sheep and grooming them.
Shepherds recognize particular sheep by marking them with colors.
Although they can always spot their favourite ones in the herd.
The messiah, the shepherd.
An old shepherd woman.
An Australian postal stamp felicitating the shepherd community for their efforts in nation building.
And here is the oldest friend of humans. The Dog. Shepherds keep dogs with them while while they go out for sheep grazing. The dogs alert the shepherd for any danger from another animal. Also, they help to keep the sheep stay together in a herd.

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