Love, peace and Hunza.

It is believed that inhabitants of Hunza valley in Gilgit-Baltistan region don’t fall sick. They attribute it to the water of the Hunza river. Although there is no official study to confirm the longevity of Hunza valley people, however legends are generally not entirely wrong. There is something magical about the place that rejuvenates any traveler. People who have lived in the valley all through their lives must be benefiting from the heavenly environment.

The valley has a very colorful flaura !
Hunza river is a confluence of two tributaries sourcing their water from glaciers.
With not much urban development and a miniscule population, the valley is spotless with no pollution.
A few also believe that the people of Hinza are actually descendants of Alexander. While Alexander was returning from his campaign in the Indian subcontinent, a few of his armed personnel decided to settle in the region.
Locals are into hospitality industry apart from selling handicrafts (carpets,etc.)
Buddhism and earlier BΓΆn religion were practiced in the region. Later when Islam arrived in the region, people adopted Islam and remaining Buddhists moved to Leh Ladakh region. In the photograph is the fort of Baltit that was once the throne of ruling families of Gilgit Baltit region.
Currently the fort is a museum run by a local trust.
Chapshuro – like a stuffed pizza !
Such a windowsome view !
After a massive landslide in the Attabad village, a lake got formed in the valley. This has given another occupation to the locals involved in tourism.
After spending time in the valley, one gets to see a very different world.Β  The region is inhabited by Ismaili Muslims who are quite progressive and welcome changes into their lives. A world that is devoid of aggressive fundamentalism and full of love and warmth.

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  1. This place is so beautiful. It is breathtaking. I know one or two places where people have healthier life and longer longevity–people say it is because of their water and the rare minerals in the water. LOL.

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