Sea Side Shack

What does it take to make an awesome sea-side cafe?
I have some idea with which I have tried to create a cafe-shack for people to chill and relax.
Keeping it professional though, I have also put an office in the shack premises.
Tourists who visit the shack can play beach volleyball.
Recently i constructed another room with hay roof.
Have rented some comfortable chairs for the guests to relax at the sea shore.
A few tourists though prefer to rest in solitude on a hammock.
Cushions for guests to take rest.
A cozy spot for someone to simply sit and gaze at the setting sun.
View of shack at the midnight.
A corner for yoga enthusiasts to sit and meditate.
Here comes the night with its promise to be bright and sparkling !
My cat gives me the company.
Another friend of mine that prefers to sit quietly and watch things.
And my dog friend who barks only on high tides.
I can cook only 1 dish- fish and curry with rice !
Anyways, people prefer drinking beer at my shack for the view is amazing to enjoy with a drink.
And here is the shack that I look upto. I wish to be able to make my cafe shack as well managed and interesting as this one!

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