Bhutan – The Druk Yul.

Famous for its Gross National Happiness Index, Bhutan is revered as one of the most peaceful and beautiful places on this planet.
The country is a monarchy and follows Buddhism religion.
Buddhism emphasis on peace and harmony among all the habitats of this earth.
Influenced by the same philosophy, country’s ethos are developed around innate happiness that everyone seeks to achieve in their daily lives.
Bhutan encourages people to think of inner peace rather than investing their energies in chasing materialistic gains.
The country has never been conquered. The country likes to keep a low profile. In fact, the country opened its borders to tourists only in 1974. Also, internet and television arrived for public consumption in late 90s.
A man in Gho, traditional dress of Bhutanese men, visiting a monestary in Bhutan.
A picturesque country, Bhutan believes in hosting limited number of tourists.
Also, every toursits(except Indians) have to pay $250 per day of stay in Bhutan. This is also a major revenue source for the country.
Bhutan has some beautiful old buildings with elaborate designs.
Another distinct image that you see painted around in Bhutan is of human penis. Another belief, it states that a male penis picture wards off evil.
People are quite patriotic with Bhutanese druk being painted across the country.
Although happiness thrives in the lives of Bhutanese people, poverty also prevails in a few sectors and asks for better opportunities.
Bhutanese participate in Cham dance which involves decorative masks and dresses.
It is believed that these dance performances ward off any evils.
Bhutan also has one of the most dangerous airports in the world. The plane is perlouspy close to constructions and mountain cliffs while taking off and landing. In fact, only 8 people in the world are licensed to fly to the Bhutanese airport.
In case one decides to travel to Bhutan, they must go with ample time at hand. One can’t rush into the country and leave asap ! πŸ™‚

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