Children of God

Buddhists have a tradition wherein children after turning 8 can live a life of monk.The kids at the monestary are called Samnera.
When one comes to think of it, the decision to send an 8 year old to the strict life of monastery seems harsh.
8 year olds should be hanging out in malls and play parks with their friends. Monastery is not meant for an 8 year old.
However, it also asks for a deeper understanding of the culture at a monestary. Also, the vow to be a monk can be revoked anytime. There is no binding. This encourages Buddhist parents to send their kids to Buddhist monasteries.
Kids at the monestary are taught the Buddhism way of life. A life full of compassion and love for everyone! And it takes several experiences for a human to see finer side of things.
Compassion towards animals.
While living with animals, the kids learn the behaviour of animals and can understand their emotions very well.
This ensure that they do not fear or misunderstand the animals.
Samnera learn the Buddhists religious duties and participate in the operations at monestary.
Chanting Buddhist mantras while understanding their meaning makes them aware of their religion.
Samnera also acquire people skills while practicing collaboration and brotherhood. They learn to live a minimal lifestyle that builds a robust character.
Doing daily chores on their own makes them independent.
They learn to counsel each other in difficult times.
And sometimes it also makes them tired and aloof.
Contrary to the popular belief that a monastic life of Samnera is quite dull, you can see Samnera having lot of fun around the monestary.
They study various subjects to be well learned and aware.
While studying they also introspect and learn about their innerselves. This makes them a content yet a curious individual.
They learn how to blend in this world.
While living in a humble moneastary with rudimentary facilities, they are provided with all the latest gadgets to ensure that they are up-to-date with the technical advancements.
Samnera like to stay trendy….
Because one need not be serious and stoic to become a better human being 🙂

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    1. Actually the good thing is that kids can move out of the monestary at their own wish. May be for countries where education and wellbeing of kids is a challenge, monestary is a good way to provide basic amenities to kids.. as long as it is not compulsory for the kids.

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