Doors & Windows Private Ltd.

Its hard to spot a door without a window.
The duo are the hallmark of a house. Like a signature that distinguishes the house from others.
a door welcomes and a window smiles.
A window seems to be always looking for an excuse to remain open. Door on the other hand takes pride in not letting everyone in.
The handsome door stands tall with an address sign board – making the window seem worthless.
While doors are endowed with decorative horticulture.
The poor window gets clothes drying on it.
Dotting the I’s !
The health of a door decides how the window is or vice versa?
The loving couple that stay together forever.
They get together and work together.

Check out the interesting combination at the right. The windows in Singapore little india locality are above the (3-4 feet) vertical iron bars. And to cover the entire window-iron bars structure is a door.

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